Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#24 An Ice Cold Drink

  You’ve probably have had one of those days where you're just dying for an ice cold glass of water. Or better yet a nice cold glass of lemonade.  It's summer time and you’re playing at the park with a couple of your closest friends. You’ve been running around almost all day.  You’re sweating and exhausted and the sun is scorching.  Your face is red, and you feel like you have no saliva left in your mouth.

   You decide to go home and grab a drink. As you’re walking home, people are passing by you with sodas and icees from 7-11. Your craving for a drink is getting worse, so you start to walk faster. You're tempted to get home and just throw open the fridge door and grab anything in sight. Finally, you're home, and the taunting is over. You open the door and run to the fridge. The fresh, cool breeze of the refrigerator  hits your sweaty, hot face, giving you the chills. Pushing food aside, you see a pitcher of lemonade.

   The lemonade is the only thing you want right now. You grab a glass, and put a couple ice cubes in. You pour the lemonade in, rushing to take that first sip you’ve been waiting for all day. In your head you’re scream “ finally.“ As the lemonade touches your lips, you can feel the refreshment run down your throat. “ Ahh “ the craving is over, and you're not dying of thirst any more.