Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#11 Music Power

People don’t take notice that sometimes the smallest things in life are the things that make you smile the most, even if you’re not that good in a mood. Then there are  those days that you come home tired and exhausted, with a bad temper. Nothing went right that day. You even hit your leg as you ran out the door that morning, only because your alarm decided to ring two hours late. You barely make it to work now three hours delayed because of traffic. Then the only way you manage you stay awake is through your boss’s screams.

After a hard day’s work you click the button on your radio and right there and then the radio guy announces your favorite song and it plays. All is forgotten the eight hours of agony all disappeared by this one song. The song that’s like a tazer gun inside of you, the currents of this strong energy all-flow through your body. The rhythm, the beat, the sound, taking you in with all its glory. Controlling your brain to command your arms, legs, everything just moves accordingly to your song.

The magic of your favorite song is a powerful thing. The stress is all mental and is just about replacing feeling the negative with the positive. You’re not physically injured or sick- it’s just tension. The tension was building up, but to hear at least your favorite song at the end of the day, well that’s not so bad is it? That is something very


Jessica .P


  1. Everything you said is true. The right music can change everything. Awesome!

  2. I like it when shuffle on my iPod predicts my mood and plays just the song I'm looking for. Awesome!