Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#17 Pointy Sharp Pencils

Most people look at a stack of pencils and pick the sharpest one, don’t you? Why is that? Is it because it lasts longer to write with, or because it looks so nice and new? I like the way pencils feel when I write with them; it feels good. They also look nice and sharp.

My sister likes sharp pencils because of the way it feels when she writes with them. Some people say they are great because they look new and some others say because they write more nicely and better. Another person I asked said they like pointy sharpened pencils because when you write with one, it comes out smaller and not fat like unsharpened pencils. They're also good to draw with. Pointy, sharp pencils make people happy.

People don’t even notice that they like choosing sharper pencils. People even fight over pencils to get the pointiest one! What is it about sharp pencils? Always keep a sharpener with you to keep your pencils sharp! Everybody likes them!

Sharp, pointy pencils are cool … wait! They’re …


  1. I work in a Middle School library and all day I have kids come in to borrow a pencil. They always check to see which one is pointiest! Most of them don't even notice that is important to them. I like the way you think. Awesome! ☺

  2. That's why I use mechanical pencils - that way, your pencil is ALWAYS sharp!
    This is a great awesome thing, one of those little things that most people don't think about. =)

  3. Pencils with extra sharp points are one of my favorite things. They make me think of new, and the expectancy of something fresh and clean; a new start, and the possibilities inherent in the combination of a sharpened pencil and a blank sheet of paper. Isn't it a great thing when a little thing like a pencil sharpener takes something old and makes it new again? And isn't new almost always exciting? Truly AWESOME!! Thanks for the post.