Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#9 Glitter

Doesn’t it seem weird when you're randomly walking in the mall or at some store and you see something shiny? That something shiny may be glitter. How weird is that? But honestly, it’s very interesting. Glitter is not just glitter- it’s used for so many things that can turn out to look AWESOME!

Glitter can be ordinary, but for some people it’s a really good arts and crafts tool. People use glitter in the most random things. Example would be makeup, shoes, cars, clothes, bags, nail polish, phone covers, jewelry, decorations, glitter glue, wallets, hair, clips, glasses, book covers, note books, pencils,sharpeners, dolls, socks, etc. I ran out of ideas! But just think about all the endless things you can do with glitter. Imagine how it's going to turn out AWESOME!

Whether it’s a decoration, a shirt, or make-up, glitter can make anyone interested in its shiny look. It can make the most random boring thing into an interesting pieces of fun. Glitter can make you express yourself .Its very pretty the colors and outer shininess of glitter are infinite. Just think of the next thing you're going to decorate with glitter and how awesome it’s going to look! Glitter can be a good idea for a Halloween costume. Glitter fairy perhaps? That’s just




  1. OOO i like your post a lot :D
    Awesome Kayla:D

  2. I'm reading off a link from 1000 awesome things this morning. This post is solid. Glitter is in my top ten - you rock!