Sunday, May 23, 2010

#2 "My Food's Finally Here!"

Have you ever had one of those days when you're craving just about everything you can't have? Later on, you go to a restaurant that answers your prayers, and you want to order the whole menu, but you realize you'll end up being broke. As you finally come to a decision from all the delicious choices, the waiter comes by asking what you would like to order.

Now the menu is probably on someone else's table and you are anxiously waiting for your food. You take a look at all the other kinds of food the strangers around you are feasting on. It's been a while now, and you're wondering if there's been a delay of if your food got burnt. But maybe this is just your hungry stomach acting up on you.

Then, you see your favorite platter of food coming right at you. You stop talking to your friend and your eyes flicker with delight. The day has been based on this one platter of food, and you are the happiest person on Earth. As a friend, you won't be grumpy anymore, and that frown has been turned upside-down as you are finally satisfied.



  1. This is a good one:D.


  2. Very nice! I always love the moment when someone at my table spots our food coming from the kitchen!