Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#16 That new shoe smell

You enter a shoe store. It's nice and fresh. The cold air hits your face. You take a look around. All you see is random shoes. That’s when you see them! It’s the pair of new shoes you’ve been wanting to buy for the longest time. You approach them, and take a look at them. You are happy you finally found them. You decide they are perfect, and take them to the cashier and buy them.

On your long way home you think, “I can’t believe I finally got them. I want to get home soon!’’ You just can’t wait to try them on and wear them out to places. As you arrive home, you take a look at every little detail on your shoes. They are perfect!

As you examine them and breathe in, you begin to discover a smell. "What could that smell be?’’ That’s when you realize its just the fresh, new smell of your brand new shoes. They have never been worn or touched. We can all say that the smell of a new pair of shoes is


By Jessica A.

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  1. I love the new-shoe smell! It's second only to the smell of books, in my opinion. Awesome!