Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#21 Waking Up Early

Ever woken up early and gotten dressed, and then seen the sun slowly rise? The foggy, misty air is still flowing, the cold air making the distant views appear gorgeous. The blend of the clouds covers the small sparks of the rising sun that manage to go through the grab of the cloud’s puffiness and down to earth. It's amazing being the only one awake, watching the calm, steady streets at peace, with no humans or animals walking the cement.

>It makes you feel fortunate to hear the silent hills and earth, as you are witness to the earth’s natural beauty.

Even waking up early to do a project you have forgotten to finish can be an amazing thing. You can focus on your work with no little brother or little sister to run around to distract you before it’s due that same day. Or you can just prepare yourself for the long, busy day and shorten your day’s future tasks.

Just awakening and having your lazy day is pretty special, lying back to play games on your systems. When everyone is asleep there is no one to nag you around to do chores or walk the dog. You are relaxing while the others rest away to their boring old sleep. Just having 'you time' is the best.
You've got to admit this is pretty




  1. I love waking up early, especially when I am staying near a lake. Then, it's a just a short walk to see one of the most AWESOME sights: mist slowly rolling off the lake, barely lit by the first golden fingers of dawn. I like your point about working on a project early in the morning, too. Somehow, it's much more enjoyable to do the the project at five in the morning than late at night. Your post is pretty AWESOME. You're lucky to have such a cool teacher.

  2. I've never wake up willingly before 10 or 11 in the morning, but I remember when I was in middle school I would be up with the sun, and I'd have 3 or 4 hours to myself before everyone else in the house started moving. It was very relaxing.