Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#15 This Awesome Burrito

Did you know burritos are cool? They are fresh and can be made out of anything. Burritos can be made out of carne asada and other things you desire. You can put anything like beans, rice , cheese ,or chicken. As long as it makes sense and it’s tasty, it’s a burrito. Burritos are big, made to satisfy anyone tempted to try one. They are any size, for any person, made big or small, to satisfy you.

Burritos are made for anyone, from any race, who has not tried one. THey are always enjoyable when its nice and warm. When all the ingredients inside are mixed together when made, a perfect taste is created and your taste buds run wild. Burritos last for a short period of time, but pack a punch when bitten.

When it's made by someone else, you will never know what type of burrito you will get, but one thing that is sure: it will come out good. If you're hungry and already had a burrito, just get another type of burrito to satisfy your hunger. Burritos can be eaten at any time you like, for instance breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. Even if the burrito is expensive it's worth getting, because it's so good. It is even better when it is eaten at midnight for a midnight snack. All burritos are


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