Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome, Period 6!

Dear Period 6 Students,
I am creating this blog for you to express your creativity by posting your "Awesome Thing."

Just a reminder on the assignment parameters:  Your post must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs long, written with academic language, and fully edited before being posted.  

You must also include a picture with your post.  I prefer it to be an original artistic creation (drawing, photo, etc.).

Blog Netiquette:
- You may most certainly comment on other people's postings, and you may leave constructive criticism, HOWEVER, you must keep it appropriate and supportive at all times.

- Do NOT write in internet speech (i.e. "lol," "j/k," idk," "2" instead of "to," "u" instead of "you," and so on).  Any posting using text/internet lingo will not be graded for the assignment.

- Please do not put emoticons in your "Awesome" posts.  This is not the place for smileys, frownies, or hearts.  Your words alone should convey the awesome power.

Go forth and be awesome!
Ms. P

1 comment:

  1. Hello Ms. P's Class --
    I noticed your class was posted on the bottom of yesterday's 1000 AWESOME THINGS entry. I am also a teacher and I had to check out your work! This is an AWESOME project, each of you did a nice job. Keep up the great work! And Ms. P keep inspiring your students to be the best they can be!
    All the Best,
    Miss McKellar
    Buffalo, New York