Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#7 Where is it?!?!?

Imagine you need that one thing, and you’ve searched everywhere for it. Where is it? Who knows? That’s not an awesome time, especially if you desperately need it that exact same day! Or maybe you’ve been searching for that item for as long as you can remember. Your head is hurting by because you think you ‘just’ saw it and you keep trying to remember where you last saw it. You officially go crazy, you’re pulling out your hair and everything is a big mess. You take a break, thinking everything is going to be okay and you just keep telling yourself “it’ll show up” or “don’t worry you don’t really need it.” Obviously you're lying to yourself. It won’t show up, and you actually need it, that’s why you’re looking for it. And once again you’re pulling out everything from its place.

Right now when you’ve cleared your mind, a little bit you’re probably wishing you were more organized. You keep turning your head searching for that object. And just when you’re going to give up, just when you realized that you might not even have it in your house; everything seems to get brighter. In a blink of an eye all your thoughts seem to turn positive, you’re just looking there and a big smile slowly appears across your face. You let out a sigh of relief. Even though you nearly destroyed your house, you’ve found it. Right now, when you have that object on your hands you don’t seem to care about how horrible you left your house.

You feel more relaxed, more at ease because you don’t have to search for anything anymore. You’re done destroying your house and destroying your life, because you’ve found it. Everything just seems to be getting brighter, happier. And you know what even though your house seems to be horrible and you can’t see the floor anymore you found it. You can just relax now you got what you were searching for. You just had an awesome moment!



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  2. The thing that I like the most about your blog is the fact that when a specail occation happens you really need this one important information or item and you know its missing you actually go crazy looking for it. It was a really good detailed blog, enjoyed reading it.

  3. That great big sigh of relief when I find my wallet, iPod, or keys (which I lose constantly) is DEFINITELY awesome!