Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#10 Relaxing with a paralyzing feeling

Have you ever been really sore and felt very horrible? Once you get home, you try to relax, but can’t find anything that will help you. A very helpful thing is taking a nice long shower or bath in hot water. You will get a feeling that will make you say “Wow that feeling is very soothing.”

The feeling runs through you like electricity running through cables. Your nerves all start to relax. You lie there are as if your body has died, but your mind roams freely. After a while you think, “This water is a little colder than I remember.” You then turn the hot knob.

The warmness then paralyzes your body, but instead of fighting it you enjoy it. The soothing warmth helps your muscles and nerves regenerate while you have a very relaxing evening. The thought of you leaving this heaven on earth is horrible. Time then passes and you must leave but you have only one thought on your mind, “That was… AWESOME!”

Jesus C.

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