Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#29 Best Boogie Board

Have you been to the beach recently? You finally bring your boogie board that has been waiting at that same spot for a very long time. First, it’s that long ride to the beach, but while you're getting there you are having a fun time with your friends. Your friends and you are laughing over something funny your best friend did. Your dad has been listening to you guys the whole ride, and he has a melt down and screams at you to be quiet. The whole ride after your father says to be quiet is pure silence.

Later, you finally get to the beach and you’re the first one out of the car. You forgot all those things you brought in the trunk and you’re already on the sand when your dad calls you to help out bring the stuff to your spot. The problem is that you didn’t have a spot, and the beach is packed. You find a spot a few minutes later. It’s not the closest spot to the water, but not the farthest. Your friends have been waiting for you. You start walking with them, but you dad says, “don’t forget to put on your sunscreen.”

You finish all the stuff you're supposed to do and you're running or even sprinting to the water. Your friends aren’t in the water yet because they say the water is too cold. Being the brave one of the group, you run in and jump inside and say the water isn’t so cold. You’ve been trying to get the best wave, but it’s just not coming, so you go even deeper. Your friends don’t want to come because it's too deep, so they go back. Your dad yells and you hear him saying its time to leave, but you don’t want to leave quite yet. The last wave is the one that takes you all the way to the sand. That adrenaline makes you feel like you are faster than a shark.

Bryan G.


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