Tuesday, May 25, 2010

#4 SAL Saturday Awesome Live!

You know the saying,"Living in the Lime light?" For kids, Saturday can be the time to live for. Waking up in the morning at ten can be a desire kids who attend school. A bedhead just might be the hairstyle for the three hours of "Saturday Cartoons." The main breakfast of choice is Captain Crunch.

These days we have the the decision to participate in the fundamentals of the great outdoors or the academic feel of the virtual video world. Either one we choose, it's a free feeling. The options are countless and consist of the many activities that keep on us going on Awesome Saturday. Adults have their say on Saturday as well, and not just the ones that teach us at the big house (school).

When evening begins to set in, the games then soon began! Dinner is server and its 7:00p.m. so that means that maintenance is over for that online game your into, so now its easier to buff and get to level 50 by the end of the great Saturday night!
The Saturday has not died yet! The night cartoon block spreads its word around TV land making itself as present as a frog. The Saturday ends itself in a wave of enthusiasm, giving its fan exactly what they want without hesitation. That's why you can only give it the name SATURDAY AWESOME LIVE!


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