Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#20 Steam

Would you like to keep track of your friends while playing great games? Steam is a video game distribution system that you can carry within your own head. Yes, that’s right in your own head. You’ll need a computer, but that could be any computer anywhere on Earth. All you need is your username, password, and some time to download the games that you buy. Yes, I said buy, but here’s the kicker, you can play them on any computer as long as you have bought them once. Along with being a great system for gaming it has other uses as well.

The Steam Community is also there as a social network, as you set up a profile and you can send messages to your friends. Talking to your friends in real-time using a microphone or instant messaging. You may befriend people from playing games or knowing them in real life. The forums are also a place to just talk about games or watch discussions, as most of the time the discussions are either serious or really funny. You always need more friends and time to talk to them.

At the top of the list of my favorite games is Team Fortress 2. Bombs exploding all over the place, capturing points, being a clutch player just makes you feel so awesome. The game is also so perfectly paced, and I love it. Left 4 Dead would have to be on top with TF2, infected all over the place, scratching and screaming, gives you such a good feeling when you survive a campaign chapter. Whether it be by helicopter or boat, you feel relieved that you are safe. That’s only two games there’s over 1,100 games that you can buy and enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Head over to to go grab your steam and go buy some games, get some friends and find me.



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