Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#13 Naming an object

It is so fun to name an object, especially when you name it after someone. You can name any object you want. You can name an object after someone you love or after someone you hate. If you name it after someone you hate, you can beat it up and it won’t hit back. Mainly girls name stuffed animals after someone they love. Some boys name stuffed animals too. It is cool to name objects.

Naming an object is cool. If you think about it you named objects when you were small. When I was small I named toys I liked. When girls were small they named dolls. Adults name objects too. Some adults name their car. I have a 64 Chevy and I named it Sparky because it is really fast. Girls name their cars too.

Professional boxers name objects. A boxer will name a punching bag after their opponent so they can practice. If they have a fear of their opponent this can help them get over their fear. Naming objects is cool.

Michael A.


  1. When my boys were little they got a wooden sword at the Renaissance Festival. Somewhere along the line it came to be known as "Doom Hammer". Every now and then it still makes an appearance and the boys are in college now! They still think it is AWESOME!

  2. This is fantastic. Brings back memories of that movie "Over the Hedge," when the squirrel suggests, "Let's call it Steve!" Yay for naming things!

  3. I love this one! I name all my electronic gadgets! My iPod is Sheldon, my laptop is Gregorio, and my phone is Peggy Ann!
    I named my stuffed animals when I was a kid, - my Lion was named Lion, my duck was named Duckie, and my doll was named Dolly. Creative, huh? =P