Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#27 Egg Chairs

    Are you sick and tired of sitting on those uncomfortable chairs? For example, desk chairs and office chairs are so uncomfortable. They are so hard that they sometimes make your bottom numb. Some chairs that are even more uncomfortable are wooden chairs, plastic chairs, and especially steel chairs. Don't they get boring and common?! Wouldn't you instead want something better than the regular chairs listed above? We have to improve the dull and boring!

    EGG CHAIRS! They are very comfortable, fascinating, very well-liked, amazing, and addicting! When you first sit down on an egg chair you feel that you are in paradise! Egg chairs feel as soft as thousands of pillows covering you. Egg chairs are also fancy, making you feel relaxed. You are even able to sleep on an egg chair! It feels as comfortable as a nice, soft bed. You would feel no difference between an egg chair and a bed. When you are sleeping on an egg chair, you feel that you are in an egg, of course, and that you are cuddled up in pillows.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Not only is it like a bed, but it looks very creative and unique! Egg chairs are so cool, and you are able to spin on them. It feels like you are on a ride at the circus. Wouldn't you prefer an egg chair to the following chairs? As you can see plastic chairs, steel chairs, wooden chairs, desk chairs, and office chairs are plain old dull. Egg chairs are highly improved, making them highly popular. Trust the facts: egg chairs are more reliable. Egg chairs are the best chairs you can find. Egg chairs as you can see are....




  1. I've never seen one in real life but you made me want to try it. Awesome!

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