Wednesday, May 26, 2010

# 30 The # 1 Drink

Do you know what the best drink is? It is Coca Cola. This drink is popular with people all over the world. You can find Coca Cola everywhere you go from Tennessee to Timbuktu. Coca Cola is the drink that is sold the most in restaurants. It is the # 1 selling drink in the world. Most restaurants prefer to have Coca Cola because it is the drink that is drank the most. Most people drink Coca Cola because it is cool and refreshing.

It is found in many flavors, including regular, cherry, vanilla, lime, diet, and zero, with diet versions of them all. Most people buy it because they keep on making more and more flavors. They also make it taste better each time they make a new flavor. This is also the most popular drink that anyone has made.

For years and years it has been the # 1 drink sold in the entire world. Americans like this drink too because the flavor has never changes like the other sodas. This company sells a lot in just one day. The director of Coca Cola says that the company will sell more in the next 10 years because they are going to make it taste better. Coca Cola “was the original Social Construction Brand and had always been so.”



#29 Best Boogie Board

Have you been to the beach recently? You finally bring your boogie board that has been waiting at that same spot for a very long time. First, it’s that long ride to the beach, but while you're getting there you are having a fun time with your friends. Your friends and you are laughing over something funny your best friend did. Your dad has been listening to you guys the whole ride, and he has a melt down and screams at you to be quiet. The whole ride after your father says to be quiet is pure silence.

Later, you finally get to the beach and you’re the first one out of the car. You forgot all those things you brought in the trunk and you’re already on the sand when your dad calls you to help out bring the stuff to your spot. The problem is that you didn’t have a spot, and the beach is packed. You find a spot a few minutes later. It’s not the closest spot to the water, but not the farthest. Your friends have been waiting for you. You start walking with them, but you dad says, “don’t forget to put on your sunscreen.”

You finish all the stuff you're supposed to do and you're running or even sprinting to the water. Your friends aren’t in the water yet because they say the water is too cold. Being the brave one of the group, you run in and jump inside and say the water isn’t so cold. You’ve been trying to get the best wave, but it’s just not coming, so you go even deeper. Your friends don’t want to come because it's too deep, so they go back. Your dad yells and you hear him saying its time to leave, but you don’t want to leave quite yet. The last wave is the one that takes you all the way to the sand. That adrenaline makes you feel like you are faster than a shark.

Bryan G.


#28 Having a Bad Hair Day

Having a bad hair day



You wake up in the morning, pressing the snooze button

and walk up to your mirror and BAM , you see your hair.

It's all messed up and then you try to fix it and you make

it worse.


You go to the store with your bad hair just to buy gel.

Later, you hear people laughing at you and

saying stuff about you. When you finally get home

and you fix it then it is time to go to sleep. You

later think"that was a waste of time."





#27 Egg Chairs

    Are you sick and tired of sitting on those uncomfortable chairs? For example, desk chairs and office chairs are so uncomfortable. They are so hard that they sometimes make your bottom numb. Some chairs that are even more uncomfortable are wooden chairs, plastic chairs, and especially steel chairs. Don't they get boring and common?! Wouldn't you instead want something better than the regular chairs listed above? We have to improve the dull and boring!

    EGG CHAIRS! They are very comfortable, fascinating, very well-liked, amazing, and addicting! When you first sit down on an egg chair you feel that you are in paradise! Egg chairs feel as soft as thousands of pillows covering you. Egg chairs are also fancy, making you feel relaxed. You are even able to sleep on an egg chair! It feels as comfortable as a nice, soft bed. You would feel no difference between an egg chair and a bed. When you are sleeping on an egg chair, you feel that you are in an egg, of course, and that you are cuddled up in pillows.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Not only is it like a bed, but it looks very creative and unique! Egg chairs are so cool, and you are able to spin on them. It feels like you are on a ride at the circus. Wouldn't you prefer an egg chair to the following chairs? As you can see plastic chairs, steel chairs, wooden chairs, desk chairs, and office chairs are plain old dull. Egg chairs are highly improved, making them highly popular. Trust the facts: egg chairs are more reliable. Egg chairs are the best chairs you can find. Egg chairs as you can see are....



#26 SpongeBob

Saturday mornings are your best mornings! Why? Because you can wake up to that one Nickelodeon show that can make your day. Which is it? It’s SpongeBob! All you have to do is get a nice bowl of your favorite cereal and turn your TV on to Nickelodeon and be ready to sing along to the beginning of SpongeBob’s theme song.


My little sister and I don’t really get along, but when it comes to watching SpongeBob together we are like the best of friends. He can get us through a great morning before everything goes down hill. SpongeBob is also good with kids. If you have to babysit, all you have to do is turn on the TV and they will shut right up. While they are entertained with the TV, you make them a little snack, give it to them and your problems are away for a while. That’s pretty easy, isn’t it? Plus, you can sit and enjoy SpongeBob with them.


When you think about SpongeBob you probably think “Wow, that’s so childish.”  You have to admit everyone has a little child in them. SpongeBob can cheer up anyone. He puts a smile on so many faces. Especially when he’s with his friends Patrick, Sandy, Mr.Krab, and Squidward. They make you laugh until you pee your pants. They are the funniest friends in the world even though Squidward gets mad very easily. Other than that, SpongeBob is so AWESOME!!!!!!! 



#25 First experience of a soccer game live!

Do you know how awesome it is to watch a soccer game live? If you don’t, you are missing out because there’s non-stop screaming everywhere. If it’s your first game, and you look at the field, you’ll say it’s awesome! At the beginning of the game, everyone cheers and they sing too, because they’re hoping to see their team win. When you look around, there are people eating, screaming, and hugging; you can see anything funny occur. You’ll get shocked if you hear inappropriate words because when the teams are “rivals” it can get messy.

A soccer game is so exciting. Unfortunately, it only lasts ninety minutes. When you’re watching, you have screaming behind your ears, beer falling on your feet, but you don’t mind that because you are too interested paying attention to the game. It might seem disgusting, but it isn’t. The first time is okay and the rest of the times you don’t mind it anymore. If you don’t pay attention to where the soccer ball has gone, you can get hit in the face because of how high and hard the players throw the ball.

When the players miss a shot on a goal, everyone goes nuts. They scream “awwww!” You do too, because you wonder how they could they miss that perfect shot! The players are perfect when they play. They might be a little rough when they get mad. Fights can occur. During a game, one player might push the other, or choke them. It’s interesting, and later the crowd starts to get loud and they say “boo!” for a long time until the referee gives a card to a player. It's mostly girls taking video or pictures. One of the best parts of the game is when your team makes a goal. It gets so loud and they throw confetti.

The drama and action make being in a live soccer game courageously AWESOME!


#24 An Ice Cold Drink

  You’ve probably have had one of those days where you're just dying for an ice cold glass of water. Or better yet a nice cold glass of lemonade.  It's summer time and you’re playing at the park with a couple of your closest friends. You’ve been running around almost all day.  You’re sweating and exhausted and the sun is scorching.  Your face is red, and you feel like you have no saliva left in your mouth.

   You decide to go home and grab a drink. As you’re walking home, people are passing by you with sodas and icees from 7-11. Your craving for a drink is getting worse, so you start to walk faster. You're tempted to get home and just throw open the fridge door and grab anything in sight. Finally, you're home, and the taunting is over. You open the door and run to the fridge. The fresh, cool breeze of the refrigerator  hits your sweaty, hot face, giving you the chills. Pushing food aside, you see a pitcher of lemonade.

   The lemonade is the only thing you want right now. You grab a glass, and put a couple ice cubes in. You pour the lemonade in, rushing to take that first sip you’ve been waiting for all day. In your head you’re scream “ finally.“ As the lemonade touches your lips, you can feel the refreshment run down your throat. “ Ahh “ the craving is over, and you're not dying of thirst any more.