Tuesday, May 25, 2010

#5 The Tricks of Chores

There's some point of the week that it's time...time... to do house chores. It’s time to clean the pets, wash the car, do the laundry, do dinner, sweep, vacuum, and clean the room. You try to hide or make excuses. Thinking in your mind, “Why do chores I have more important stuff to do than chores." So you stop to think. You make up any excuse saying "My teacher gave me too much homework." But your parents would just response “You can do the homework later."

These are other excuses that are used, but they never work:
1. “You didn’t tell me I had to do that!”
2. “I’m too busy.”
3. “I have too much homework.”
4. “I’ll do it tomorrow.”
Or you will just act like if you didn’t heard anything and just walk away. Never trust that excuses they’ll never help you.

But the following are tricks are sure to work:

1. Parents doing the job while you sleep: You can let your parents do all your work while you are “asleep”. Parents always fall for the falling to sleep trick. Just before go to sleep close the door and have with you anything that will keep you from getting bored. Wait until dinner or until your parents do the work for you, or until the next day. And that’s way your parents do the job while you sleep.

2. Pretending to clean our room: When cleaning your room just push the stuff under the bed or closet. When your parent inspector come to check make sure to show everything but under the bed or closet. Just to be on the safe side its better if you put everything under the bed than the closet.

3. The one minute dog bath: It’s time to go and wash your dog. All you have to do is spray a bit of water to make the dog look wet. Make sure the fur looks spiky and wet. Last but not least spray perfume. Don’t forget to pour shampoo in the ground and water, just to make it more convincing. There you have it a one minute dog bath.

4. Dinner to go: It’s time to make dinner, so just go to the corner or nearest store and buy all ready food to go. This only works when the parent is not there.

Skipping Chores is AWESOME!!!


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