Wednesday, May 26, 2010

# 30 The # 1 Drink

Do you know what the best drink is? It is Coca Cola. This drink is popular with people all over the world. You can find Coca Cola everywhere you go from Tennessee to Timbuktu. Coca Cola is the drink that is sold the most in restaurants. It is the # 1 selling drink in the world. Most restaurants prefer to have Coca Cola because it is the drink that is drank the most. Most people drink Coca Cola because it is cool and refreshing.

It is found in many flavors, including regular, cherry, vanilla, lime, diet, and zero, with diet versions of them all. Most people buy it because they keep on making more and more flavors. They also make it taste better each time they make a new flavor. This is also the most popular drink that anyone has made.

For years and years it has been the # 1 drink sold in the entire world. Americans like this drink too because the flavor has never changes like the other sodas. This company sells a lot in just one day. The director of Coca Cola says that the company will sell more in the next 10 years because they are going to make it taste better. Coca Cola “was the original Social Construction Brand and had always been so.”



#29 Best Boogie Board

Have you been to the beach recently? You finally bring your boogie board that has been waiting at that same spot for a very long time. First, it’s that long ride to the beach, but while you're getting there you are having a fun time with your friends. Your friends and you are laughing over something funny your best friend did. Your dad has been listening to you guys the whole ride, and he has a melt down and screams at you to be quiet. The whole ride after your father says to be quiet is pure silence.

Later, you finally get to the beach and you’re the first one out of the car. You forgot all those things you brought in the trunk and you’re already on the sand when your dad calls you to help out bring the stuff to your spot. The problem is that you didn’t have a spot, and the beach is packed. You find a spot a few minutes later. It’s not the closest spot to the water, but not the farthest. Your friends have been waiting for you. You start walking with them, but you dad says, “don’t forget to put on your sunscreen.”

You finish all the stuff you're supposed to do and you're running or even sprinting to the water. Your friends aren’t in the water yet because they say the water is too cold. Being the brave one of the group, you run in and jump inside and say the water isn’t so cold. You’ve been trying to get the best wave, but it’s just not coming, so you go even deeper. Your friends don’t want to come because it's too deep, so they go back. Your dad yells and you hear him saying its time to leave, but you don’t want to leave quite yet. The last wave is the one that takes you all the way to the sand. That adrenaline makes you feel like you are faster than a shark.

Bryan G.


#28 Having a Bad Hair Day

Having a bad hair day



You wake up in the morning, pressing the snooze button

and walk up to your mirror and BAM , you see your hair.

It's all messed up and then you try to fix it and you make

it worse.


You go to the store with your bad hair just to buy gel.

Later, you hear people laughing at you and

saying stuff about you. When you finally get home

and you fix it then it is time to go to sleep. You

later think"that was a waste of time."





#27 Egg Chairs

    Are you sick and tired of sitting on those uncomfortable chairs? For example, desk chairs and office chairs are so uncomfortable. They are so hard that they sometimes make your bottom numb. Some chairs that are even more uncomfortable are wooden chairs, plastic chairs, and especially steel chairs. Don't they get boring and common?! Wouldn't you instead want something better than the regular chairs listed above? We have to improve the dull and boring!

    EGG CHAIRS! They are very comfortable, fascinating, very well-liked, amazing, and addicting! When you first sit down on an egg chair you feel that you are in paradise! Egg chairs feel as soft as thousands of pillows covering you. Egg chairs are also fancy, making you feel relaxed. You are even able to sleep on an egg chair! It feels as comfortable as a nice, soft bed. You would feel no difference between an egg chair and a bed. When you are sleeping on an egg chair, you feel that you are in an egg, of course, and that you are cuddled up in pillows.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Not only is it like a bed, but it looks very creative and unique! Egg chairs are so cool, and you are able to spin on them. It feels like you are on a ride at the circus. Wouldn't you prefer an egg chair to the following chairs? As you can see plastic chairs, steel chairs, wooden chairs, desk chairs, and office chairs are plain old dull. Egg chairs are highly improved, making them highly popular. Trust the facts: egg chairs are more reliable. Egg chairs are the best chairs you can find. Egg chairs as you can see are....



#26 SpongeBob

Saturday mornings are your best mornings! Why? Because you can wake up to that one Nickelodeon show that can make your day. Which is it? It’s SpongeBob! All you have to do is get a nice bowl of your favorite cereal and turn your TV on to Nickelodeon and be ready to sing along to the beginning of SpongeBob’s theme song.


My little sister and I don’t really get along, but when it comes to watching SpongeBob together we are like the best of friends. He can get us through a great morning before everything goes down hill. SpongeBob is also good with kids. If you have to babysit, all you have to do is turn on the TV and they will shut right up. While they are entertained with the TV, you make them a little snack, give it to them and your problems are away for a while. That’s pretty easy, isn’t it? Plus, you can sit and enjoy SpongeBob with them.


When you think about SpongeBob you probably think “Wow, that’s so childish.”  You have to admit everyone has a little child in them. SpongeBob can cheer up anyone. He puts a smile on so many faces. Especially when he’s with his friends Patrick, Sandy, Mr.Krab, and Squidward. They make you laugh until you pee your pants. They are the funniest friends in the world even though Squidward gets mad very easily. Other than that, SpongeBob is so AWESOME!!!!!!! 



#25 First experience of a soccer game live!

Do you know how awesome it is to watch a soccer game live? If you don’t, you are missing out because there’s non-stop screaming everywhere. If it’s your first game, and you look at the field, you’ll say it’s awesome! At the beginning of the game, everyone cheers and they sing too, because they’re hoping to see their team win. When you look around, there are people eating, screaming, and hugging; you can see anything funny occur. You’ll get shocked if you hear inappropriate words because when the teams are “rivals” it can get messy.

A soccer game is so exciting. Unfortunately, it only lasts ninety minutes. When you’re watching, you have screaming behind your ears, beer falling on your feet, but you don’t mind that because you are too interested paying attention to the game. It might seem disgusting, but it isn’t. The first time is okay and the rest of the times you don’t mind it anymore. If you don’t pay attention to where the soccer ball has gone, you can get hit in the face because of how high and hard the players throw the ball.

When the players miss a shot on a goal, everyone goes nuts. They scream “awwww!” You do too, because you wonder how they could they miss that perfect shot! The players are perfect when they play. They might be a little rough when they get mad. Fights can occur. During a game, one player might push the other, or choke them. It’s interesting, and later the crowd starts to get loud and they say “boo!” for a long time until the referee gives a card to a player. It's mostly girls taking video or pictures. One of the best parts of the game is when your team makes a goal. It gets so loud and they throw confetti.

The drama and action make being in a live soccer game courageously AWESOME!


#24 An Ice Cold Drink

  You’ve probably have had one of those days where you're just dying for an ice cold glass of water. Or better yet a nice cold glass of lemonade.  It's summer time and you’re playing at the park with a couple of your closest friends. You’ve been running around almost all day.  You’re sweating and exhausted and the sun is scorching.  Your face is red, and you feel like you have no saliva left in your mouth.

   You decide to go home and grab a drink. As you’re walking home, people are passing by you with sodas and icees from 7-11. Your craving for a drink is getting worse, so you start to walk faster. You're tempted to get home and just throw open the fridge door and grab anything in sight. Finally, you're home, and the taunting is over. You open the door and run to the fridge. The fresh, cool breeze of the refrigerator  hits your sweaty, hot face, giving you the chills. Pushing food aside, you see a pitcher of lemonade.

   The lemonade is the only thing you want right now. You grab a glass, and put a couple ice cubes in. You pour the lemonade in, rushing to take that first sip you’ve been waiting for all day. In your head you’re scream “ finally.“ As the lemonade touches your lips, you can feel the refreshment run down your throat. “ Ahh “ the craving is over, and you're not dying of thirst any more.




#23 Morning Entertainment

It’s early in the morning, and you just woke up. You thought to yourself that maybe taking a cold shower could possibly wake you up, but you were wrong. You thought that by eating you might not feel as bored. You're done eating, but you still feel bored: nothing seems to have changed. And there right in front of your eyes lies your entertainment. You can’t help but have a big smile go across your face: Your salvation from this boredom. There's your TV. It's been there and yet you haven’t noticed it.


Not only do you feel so calm, but you also feel, as though time isn’t ticking by. Time is actually passing by without you stressing out. The TV brings entertainment in the mornings and it’s also a great way to keep you awake and calm. Once you turn on the TV, all you need to do is surf around and watch something interesting. Maybe something that you haven’t heard of but catches your eye and mind. While you're watching TV you’re not getting bothered nor being asked to pay attention to some things that you wouldn’t find so awesome. Then you're really enjoying yourself before school starts. Feeling happy and relaxed is awesome!





#22 Skating Down a Hill




Do you have things that you may think are awesome? I’m a skater and what I think is awesome is related. When you're going up a hill it is horrible, and when you are at the top of the hill you are still trying to catch your breath. You’re tired but it can be a work-out. It helps you burn calories as it burns your thighs. You might say that it burns like fire. The most awesome thing hasn’t happened yet.

The most awesome thing is when you are going down the hill. It is so awesome you sometimes feel like you’re flying. If you can’t ride a skateboard standing up, even if you’re sitting down it feels like if you're gliding through the air. It is cool and especially awesome. It’s the best thing in the world.

            It’s the most amazing, most awesome thing that I have ever experienced in my life. What I sometimes do is when I’m really mad, and I’m at home, I get my skateboard and skate up then down the hill by my house. It always makes me feel better. You might not be a skater and you might have a different opinion of what I said is awesome but we’re different people and different opinions. If you have a different subject, of a different awesome thing, that’s cool, because we are not the same person.





#21 Waking Up Early

Ever woken up early and gotten dressed, and then seen the sun slowly rise? The foggy, misty air is still flowing, the cold air making the distant views appear gorgeous. The blend of the clouds covers the small sparks of the rising sun that manage to go through the grab of the cloud’s puffiness and down to earth. It's amazing being the only one awake, watching the calm, steady streets at peace, with no humans or animals walking the cement.

>It makes you feel fortunate to hear the silent hills and earth, as you are witness to the earth’s natural beauty.

Even waking up early to do a project you have forgotten to finish can be an amazing thing. You can focus on your work with no little brother or little sister to run around to distract you before it’s due that same day. Or you can just prepare yourself for the long, busy day and shorten your day’s future tasks.

Just awakening and having your lazy day is pretty special, lying back to play games on your systems. When everyone is asleep there is no one to nag you around to do chores or walk the dog. You are relaxing while the others rest away to their boring old sleep. Just having 'you time' is the best.
You've got to admit this is pretty



#20 Steam

Would you like to keep track of your friends while playing great games? Steam is a video game distribution system that you can carry within your own head. Yes, that’s right in your own head. You’ll need a computer, but that could be any computer anywhere on Earth. All you need is your username, password, and some time to download the games that you buy. Yes, I said buy, but here’s the kicker, you can play them on any computer as long as you have bought them once. Along with being a great system for gaming it has other uses as well.

The Steam Community is also there as a social network, as you set up a profile and you can send messages to your friends. Talking to your friends in real-time using a microphone or instant messaging. You may befriend people from playing games or knowing them in real life. The forums are also a place to just talk about games or watch discussions, as most of the time the discussions are either serious or really funny. You always need more friends and time to talk to them.

At the top of the list of my favorite games is Team Fortress 2. Bombs exploding all over the place, capturing points, being a clutch player just makes you feel so awesome. The game is also so perfectly paced, and I love it. Left 4 Dead would have to be on top with TF2, infected all over the place, scratching and screaming, gives you such a good feeling when you survive a campaign chapter. Whether it be by helicopter or boat, you feel relieved that you are safe. That’s only two games there’s over 1,100 games that you can buy and enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Head over to to go grab your steam and go buy some games, get some friends and find me.



#19 Laughing so hard you started crying

This might be the really laughable moment to remember for quite a long time.
As you are laughing about a hilarious comment, get ready because you might have your head screwed off, and your stomach having a laugh attack party. Are you enjoying yourself laughing now, just thinking about it?

It hurts thinking about it right after it’s barely over because your body feels out of control. You also have that screw, no, screws in your head, not thinking straight, causing you to feel faint. Trust me, I have gone through it before many times. Don’t get me wrong- it’s AWESOME!

This uncontrollable laughter occurs when a friend of yours just does something or says something so random, stupid, dumb, or hilarious; that comedy changes the moment from a hundred percent boring to hundred thousand percent better than ever. After that has happened, back up some steps, because here arrives the burst of million giggles, with a side of watery streaks of tears going to your chin. This 'Laugh Attack' is so great that you can’t control your upper body. You seem insane with your upper body heaving up and down. If the temperature of the laughter gets really high, you probably would be slapping your thighs as hard as possible. Your hands can hit at the speed of fifty times in a minute. In your own unique way, you have to say to yourself it is awesome. No one has your way to have to have a laugh attack. You are unique and that’s AWESOME!

You start seeing blurry, shiny reflections, all sparkling in your two wet eyes. After that, you start shouting as loud as hell, while moving your upper body back and forward. Your heart starts pumping faster than ever, like you’re running a mile around the school. Seriously, it might take you more than ten minutes to stop laughing. After you slowly stop laughing, you start looking at your friend, and again start out laughing all over again. But when you finally, finally come to an end you feel like you will faint.



#18 Very Tasty Tacos


Beefy Tacos! They are awesome because if you're hungry at night and you don’t know what to eat, you can eat them. You can find taco stands mostly everywhere and they're cheap too. You can get them in different type of meat and you can put hot sauce on them if you want. They also sell some awesome drinks like horchata.


The prices of the tacos are usually one dollar or $1.25. The people at the taco stand are mostly clean and they are nice.  Most people like tacos they also sell them at restaurants or you can make them by yourself. It is better if you just go to the taco stand because you get them fast and your hunger disappear. 

Tacos are the best food ever: they are mouth watering.  Just thinking of them makes you full, so you stop. Get some tacos so you when you get home and then you get hungry you still have tacos. You will waste a little bit of money, but you will be very satisfied.  That’s why they are so 


         JESUS L.


#17 Pointy Sharp Pencils

Most people look at a stack of pencils and pick the sharpest one, don’t you? Why is that? Is it because it lasts longer to write with, or because it looks so nice and new? I like the way pencils feel when I write with them; it feels good. They also look nice and sharp.

My sister likes sharp pencils because of the way it feels when she writes with them. Some people say they are great because they look new and some others say because they write more nicely and better. Another person I asked said they like pointy sharpened pencils because when you write with one, it comes out smaller and not fat like unsharpened pencils. They're also good to draw with. Pointy, sharp pencils make people happy.

People don’t even notice that they like choosing sharper pencils. People even fight over pencils to get the pointiest one! What is it about sharp pencils? Always keep a sharpener with you to keep your pencils sharp! Everybody likes them!

Sharp, pointy pencils are cool … wait! They’re …

#16 That new shoe smell

You enter a shoe store. It's nice and fresh. The cold air hits your face. You take a look around. All you see is random shoes. That’s when you see them! It’s the pair of new shoes you’ve been wanting to buy for the longest time. You approach them, and take a look at them. You are happy you finally found them. You decide they are perfect, and take them to the cashier and buy them.

On your long way home you think, “I can’t believe I finally got them. I want to get home soon!’’ You just can’t wait to try them on and wear them out to places. As you arrive home, you take a look at every little detail on your shoes. They are perfect!

As you examine them and breathe in, you begin to discover a smell. "What could that smell be?’’ That’s when you realize its just the fresh, new smell of your brand new shoes. They have never been worn or touched. We can all say that the smell of a new pair of shoes is


By Jessica A.

#15 This Awesome Burrito

Did you know burritos are cool? They are fresh and can be made out of anything. Burritos can be made out of carne asada and other things you desire. You can put anything like beans, rice , cheese ,or chicken. As long as it makes sense and it’s tasty, it’s a burrito. Burritos are big, made to satisfy anyone tempted to try one. They are any size, for any person, made big or small, to satisfy you.

Burritos are made for anyone, from any race, who has not tried one. THey are always enjoyable when its nice and warm. When all the ingredients inside are mixed together when made, a perfect taste is created and your taste buds run wild. Burritos last for a short period of time, but pack a punch when bitten.

When it's made by someone else, you will never know what type of burrito you will get, but one thing that is sure: it will come out good. If you're hungry and already had a burrito, just get another type of burrito to satisfy your hunger. Burritos can be eaten at any time you like, for instance breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. Even if the burrito is expensive it's worth getting, because it's so good. It is even better when it is eaten at midnight for a midnight snack. All burritos are


#14 iPSP

Have you ever wondered what a PSP can do?. The thing that I think that is awesome is my PSP. It is awesome because I can watch video, listen to music, play games, use the internet, and look at photos. You can also download cool games and apps for the PSP. In order to download the games and apps is to hack it.

The way to hack it is to open up the battery and snap off a wire from it. Then you have to make the memory card a magic memory card after that you will have a hacked PSP. The most awesome app for the PSP is iPSP. This app is awesome because it makes the PSP look like an iPhone. But the only thing that sucks is that it is not touch screen.

It has most of the apps that the iPhone has. It has games, camera, picture, music, safari, and messenger. The messenger is my favorite app for the iPSP. I like the messenger because I can go on AIM, MSN or Yahoo to chat with my friends. This app is useful because I can go on the messenger without using my computer.


Dillon H.

#13 Naming an object

It is so fun to name an object, especially when you name it after someone. You can name any object you want. You can name an object after someone you love or after someone you hate. If you name it after someone you hate, you can beat it up and it won’t hit back. Mainly girls name stuffed animals after someone they love. Some boys name stuffed animals too. It is cool to name objects.

Naming an object is cool. If you think about it you named objects when you were small. When I was small I named toys I liked. When girls were small they named dolls. Adults name objects too. Some adults name their car. I have a 64 Chevy and I named it Sparky because it is really fast. Girls name their cars too.

Professional boxers name objects. A boxer will name a punching bag after their opponent so they can practice. If they have a fear of their opponent this can help them get over their fear. Naming objects is cool.

Michael A.


Isn’t it weird how people like the smallest things? Have you noticed that the smallest things can be the most interesting? One of my favorite colors is the color orange. It is the best color in the world. Orange is so magnificent and it stands out from the rest of the colors. Why? Not only is orange a color but the only color that is also a fruit. There is no fruit called yellow or red. Orange is a bright color that just seeing it puts you in a good mood.

The color orange may be only a color, but to some people it is the BEST. With the color orange, you can do so many things. For example, you can color with it, you can paint with it, and you can even get matching things with it. It is just so awesome. It is a hue that just brightens up a picture, a painting, clothes, anything really. All the other colors are bland but orange is in you face. It's bold and bright, and the perfect mixture. Could you really ask for a better color?

Imagine if there was not such thing as the color orange. The world will not be as nice as it looks now without the orange-ish colors. How bad would it sound if orange was taken out of colors? You will not be able to describe the nice looking color. Nature would not be beautiful without the good-looking orange because it would not be as bright without orange. The rainbow would have an empty space waiting for it to be filled by some color as beautiful as “orange”. Like many people say, “orange” is the best color around.



#11 Music Power

People don’t take notice that sometimes the smallest things in life are the things that make you smile the most, even if you’re not that good in a mood. Then there are  those days that you come home tired and exhausted, with a bad temper. Nothing went right that day. You even hit your leg as you ran out the door that morning, only because your alarm decided to ring two hours late. You barely make it to work now three hours delayed because of traffic. Then the only way you manage you stay awake is through your boss’s screams.

After a hard day’s work you click the button on your radio and right there and then the radio guy announces your favorite song and it plays. All is forgotten the eight hours of agony all disappeared by this one song. The song that’s like a tazer gun inside of you, the currents of this strong energy all-flow through your body. The rhythm, the beat, the sound, taking you in with all its glory. Controlling your brain to command your arms, legs, everything just moves accordingly to your song.

The magic of your favorite song is a powerful thing. The stress is all mental and is just about replacing feeling the negative with the positive. You’re not physically injured or sick- it’s just tension. The tension was building up, but to hear at least your favorite song at the end of the day, well that’s not so bad is it? That is something very


Jessica .P

#10 Relaxing with a paralyzing feeling

Have you ever been really sore and felt very horrible? Once you get home, you try to relax, but can’t find anything that will help you. A very helpful thing is taking a nice long shower or bath in hot water. You will get a feeling that will make you say “Wow that feeling is very soothing.”

The feeling runs through you like electricity running through cables. Your nerves all start to relax. You lie there are as if your body has died, but your mind roams freely. After a while you think, “This water is a little colder than I remember.” You then turn the hot knob.

The warmness then paralyzes your body, but instead of fighting it you enjoy it. The soothing warmth helps your muscles and nerves regenerate while you have a very relaxing evening. The thought of you leaving this heaven on earth is horrible. Time then passes and you must leave but you have only one thought on your mind, “That was… AWESOME!”

Jesus C.

#9 Glitter

Doesn’t it seem weird when you're randomly walking in the mall or at some store and you see something shiny? That something shiny may be glitter. How weird is that? But honestly, it’s very interesting. Glitter is not just glitter- it’s used for so many things that can turn out to look AWESOME!

Glitter can be ordinary, but for some people it’s a really good arts and crafts tool. People use glitter in the most random things. Example would be makeup, shoes, cars, clothes, bags, nail polish, phone covers, jewelry, decorations, glitter glue, wallets, hair, clips, glasses, book covers, note books, pencils,sharpeners, dolls, socks, etc. I ran out of ideas! But just think about all the endless things you can do with glitter. Imagine how it's going to turn out AWESOME!

Whether it’s a decoration, a shirt, or make-up, glitter can make anyone interested in its shiny look. It can make the most random boring thing into an interesting pieces of fun. Glitter can make you express yourself .Its very pretty the colors and outer shininess of glitter are infinite. Just think of the next thing you're going to decorate with glitter and how awesome it’s going to look! Glitter can be a good idea for a Halloween costume. Glitter fairy perhaps? That’s just



#8 The Magics are Awesome

NBA’s Orlando Magic is the only team that is awesome. The reason why the Magics are awesome is because of their players. Their head coach, Stan Van Gundy led the Magics in the playoffs. Orlando’s starting point guard; Jameer Nelson has played for the Magics for 5 years. Jameer Nelson is a 6 foot tall point guard that averages 20.4 per game in the 2009-10 playoffs. He is one of my favorite guards because he is a type of player that leads his team.

The Orlando Magics hold the record for the most 3-pointer attempts and shots made. The reason why they hold that record is because of their 6 foot 10 forward, Rashard Lewis. Rashard Lewis’s 3-point percentage is 39.7%. He averages 15.2 points per game in the 2009-10 playoffs. Whenever Rashard hits a 3 pointer, I get excited and I salute him.

Another reason why the Magics are awesome is because of their 6 foot 10 center, Dwight Howard. Dwight has been selected to be in the All- Star game, USA team, Dunk Contest, and more. His nickname, “Superman” was earned by his defensive ability and his performance. Dwight has been a big part of the Magics for 5 years. He was the 1st pick by the Orlando Magics in 2004. He averages 18.3 point per game, 13.2 rebounds per game, and 2.8 blocks per game. He leads the NBA in blocks and rebounds. He earned the “Most Defensive Player” award two years in a row. That is another reason why the Magics are awesome.


#7 Where is it?!?!?

Imagine you need that one thing, and you’ve searched everywhere for it. Where is it? Who knows? That’s not an awesome time, especially if you desperately need it that exact same day! Or maybe you’ve been searching for that item for as long as you can remember. Your head is hurting by because you think you ‘just’ saw it and you keep trying to remember where you last saw it. You officially go crazy, you’re pulling out your hair and everything is a big mess. You take a break, thinking everything is going to be okay and you just keep telling yourself “it’ll show up” or “don’t worry you don’t really need it.” Obviously you're lying to yourself. It won’t show up, and you actually need it, that’s why you’re looking for it. And once again you’re pulling out everything from its place.

Right now when you’ve cleared your mind, a little bit you’re probably wishing you were more organized. You keep turning your head searching for that object. And just when you’re going to give up, just when you realized that you might not even have it in your house; everything seems to get brighter. In a blink of an eye all your thoughts seem to turn positive, you’re just looking there and a big smile slowly appears across your face. You let out a sigh of relief. Even though you nearly destroyed your house, you’ve found it. Right now, when you have that object on your hands you don’t seem to care about how horrible you left your house.

You feel more relaxed, more at ease because you don’t have to search for anything anymore. You’re done destroying your house and destroying your life, because you’ve found it. Everything just seems to be getting brighter, happier. And you know what even though your house seems to be horrible and you can’t see the floor anymore you found it. You can just relax now you got what you were searching for. You just had an awesome moment!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

#6 "The Closet...Is Clean!"

You might believe that cleaning your closet is lame, and it most certainly is! Have you ever had a time when your mom has been telling you to clean your closet, over and over and over again? After you do, she'll be bragging about it all day everyday, because of your extremely messy closet! Why is it that it takes you so long to feel like cleaning it?

It really is awful when you have a mess and everything is all over the place. You might have one sock on top of your pants and another sock under the huge barrel of sweaters you haven't looked inside in ages! Heck, you see your mess, but everyday you keep telling yourself over and over again, "Oh I'll clean it out later." You tell yourself "tomorrow" but like people say: " Tomorrow is never, today is forever." In the meantime, the same "mess" looks like a town that has been hit by a tornado, earthquake, and tsunami all at the same time!!

Finally, tomorrow arrives. You stand up; bag in one hand, shovel on the other. You have no idea what's in there. For all you know there could be a monster who's been hiding in your closet, enjoying living there since it's so messy! That's what the shovel is for. You go in determined, either to fight or die trying. You're in the closet struggling with all the tangled clothes while at the same time picking up all the rags on the floor. How stressful is that!? You finally pick up that last sock and there it is: the most clean closet in the entire universe! You wipe the sweat off your forehead, knowing you can sleep well tonight. What's best of all is finding that shirt you've been looking for since you were in the 5th grade! Now how awesome is that! (Now let's see how long it lasts!)


#5 The Tricks of Chores

There's some point of the week that it's time...time... to do house chores. It’s time to clean the pets, wash the car, do the laundry, do dinner, sweep, vacuum, and clean the room. You try to hide or make excuses. Thinking in your mind, “Why do chores I have more important stuff to do than chores." So you stop to think. You make up any excuse saying "My teacher gave me too much homework." But your parents would just response “You can do the homework later."

These are other excuses that are used, but they never work:
1. “You didn’t tell me I had to do that!”
2. “I’m too busy.”
3. “I have too much homework.”
4. “I’ll do it tomorrow.”
Or you will just act like if you didn’t heard anything and just walk away. Never trust that excuses they’ll never help you.

But the following are tricks are sure to work:

1. Parents doing the job while you sleep: You can let your parents do all your work while you are “asleep”. Parents always fall for the falling to sleep trick. Just before go to sleep close the door and have with you anything that will keep you from getting bored. Wait until dinner or until your parents do the work for you, or until the next day. And that’s way your parents do the job while you sleep.

2. Pretending to clean our room: When cleaning your room just push the stuff under the bed or closet. When your parent inspector come to check make sure to show everything but under the bed or closet. Just to be on the safe side its better if you put everything under the bed than the closet.

3. The one minute dog bath: It’s time to go and wash your dog. All you have to do is spray a bit of water to make the dog look wet. Make sure the fur looks spiky and wet. Last but not least spray perfume. Don’t forget to pour shampoo in the ground and water, just to make it more convincing. There you have it a one minute dog bath.

4. Dinner to go: It’s time to make dinner, so just go to the corner or nearest store and buy all ready food to go. This only works when the parent is not there.

Skipping Chores is AWESOME!!!


#4 SAL Saturday Awesome Live!

You know the saying,"Living in the Lime light?" For kids, Saturday can be the time to live for. Waking up in the morning at ten can be a desire kids who attend school. A bedhead just might be the hairstyle for the three hours of "Saturday Cartoons." The main breakfast of choice is Captain Crunch.

These days we have the the decision to participate in the fundamentals of the great outdoors or the academic feel of the virtual video world. Either one we choose, it's a free feeling. The options are countless and consist of the many activities that keep on us going on Awesome Saturday. Adults have their say on Saturday as well, and not just the ones that teach us at the big house (school).

When evening begins to set in, the games then soon began! Dinner is server and its 7:00p.m. so that means that maintenance is over for that online game your into, so now its easier to buff and get to level 50 by the end of the great Saturday night!
The Saturday has not died yet! The night cartoon block spreads its word around TV land making itself as present as a frog. The Saturday ends itself in a wave of enthusiasm, giving its fan exactly what they want without hesitation. That's why you can only give it the name SATURDAY AWESOME LIVE!


#3 The Awesome LA Lakers

Do you know any team that has won 15 championships and are now 2 wins away from going to the championship finals for two years consecutively. If you don’t know who they are yet you are not awesome enough to know that they are the Los Angeles Lakers. They are one of the best teams in NBA history. They are coached by the legend Phil Jackson. The Lakers are the best winning team for two years straight in the Western Conference Finals. They are also lead by the very well known 4time NBA Championship, Olympic gold medalist, and 2time MVP, Kobe Bryant. That’s what makes the Lakers so awesome.

When you are watching a Laker game it makes you want to jump everywhere. This is not like watching Orlando game when you only want to sit down, which is really boring. The Lakers make you happy if you are a great basketball fan and are always watching the games cheering for the Lakers. Not like other teams Lakers guard Kobe Bryant can score 81 points, which is the second highest points in a game in NBA history. Nobody in the NBA is as good as Kobe Bryant.

In your mind you know that the Lakers are the best and they are if you are the biggest fan. If you know that the Lakers are awesome you are awesome. If you know the Lakers are going to win you are awesome! If you believe that Kobe Bryant is going to win many more championship rings you are really awesome! If you are the biggest fan you are awesome! You are awesome Lakers!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

#2 "My Food's Finally Here!"

Have you ever had one of those days when you're craving just about everything you can't have? Later on, you go to a restaurant that answers your prayers, and you want to order the whole menu, but you realize you'll end up being broke. As you finally come to a decision from all the delicious choices, the waiter comes by asking what you would like to order.

Now the menu is probably on someone else's table and you are anxiously waiting for your food. You take a look at all the other kinds of food the strangers around you are feasting on. It's been a while now, and you're wondering if there's been a delay of if your food got burnt. But maybe this is just your hungry stomach acting up on you.

Then, you see your favorite platter of food coming right at you. You stop talking to your friend and your eyes flicker with delight. The day has been based on this one platter of food, and you are the happiest person on Earth. As a friend, you won't be grumpy anymore, and that frown has been turned upside-down as you are finally satisfied.


Friday, May 21, 2010

#1 The Smell of the Air After It Rains

After a long, rainy day of being cooped up inside, playing Parcheesi with your annoying younger sister, you are finally emancipated by the cessation of the first torrential downpour of the season. As soon as you don your galoshes and head into the reemerging sun, a pungent smell hits your schnoz: a crisp, slightly metallic, refreshing scent, which gives you a slightly dizzying head rush.

What is this mysterious smell? According to scientists, it is a complex odor comprised of over 50 individual scents. It is hydro-carbon based, and is a pungent medley of smells emanating from mineral and vegetable sources. According to Matthew Bettelheim, author of Natures’ Laboratory, the word for this smell is Petrichor, and it is “the name for the smell of rain on dry ground, is from oils given off by vegetation, absorbed onto neighboring surfaces, and released into the air after a first rain."

Can a smell so divine have such a prosaic explanation? It is far more romantic to examine the word Petrichor’s etymological roots. It comes from Greek: petri, meaning rock, and ichor, the mythical substance that flowed through the veins of the Olympian gods on high. It is unsurprising that this smell is imbued with an immortal bouquet.

Petrichor: It is the smell of rocks. It is the smell of clean. It is the smell of new beginnings. It is the smell of freedom. It is the smell of godliness. It is the smell of


Ms. P

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome, Period 6!

Dear Period 6 Students,
I am creating this blog for you to express your creativity by posting your "Awesome Thing."

Just a reminder on the assignment parameters:  Your post must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs long, written with academic language, and fully edited before being posted.  

You must also include a picture with your post.  I prefer it to be an original artistic creation (drawing, photo, etc.).

Blog Netiquette:
- You may most certainly comment on other people's postings, and you may leave constructive criticism, HOWEVER, you must keep it appropriate and supportive at all times.

- Do NOT write in internet speech (i.e. "lol," "j/k," idk," "2" instead of "to," "u" instead of "you," and so on).  Any posting using text/internet lingo will not be graded for the assignment.

- Please do not put emoticons in your "Awesome" posts.  This is not the place for smileys, frownies, or hearts.  Your words alone should convey the awesome power.

Go forth and be awesome!
Ms. P