Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#19 Laughing so hard you started crying

This might be the really laughable moment to remember for quite a long time.
As you are laughing about a hilarious comment, get ready because you might have your head screwed off, and your stomach having a laugh attack party. Are you enjoying yourself laughing now, just thinking about it?

It hurts thinking about it right after it’s barely over because your body feels out of control. You also have that screw, no, screws in your head, not thinking straight, causing you to feel faint. Trust me, I have gone through it before many times. Don’t get me wrong- it’s AWESOME!

This uncontrollable laughter occurs when a friend of yours just does something or says something so random, stupid, dumb, or hilarious; that comedy changes the moment from a hundred percent boring to hundred thousand percent better than ever. After that has happened, back up some steps, because here arrives the burst of million giggles, with a side of watery streaks of tears going to your chin. This 'Laugh Attack' is so great that you can’t control your upper body. You seem insane with your upper body heaving up and down. If the temperature of the laughter gets really high, you probably would be slapping your thighs as hard as possible. Your hands can hit at the speed of fifty times in a minute. In your own unique way, you have to say to yourself it is awesome. No one has your way to have to have a laugh attack. You are unique and that’s AWESOME!

You start seeing blurry, shiny reflections, all sparkling in your two wet eyes. After that, you start shouting as loud as hell, while moving your upper body back and forward. Your heart starts pumping faster than ever, like you’re running a mile around the school. Seriously, it might take you more than ten minutes to stop laughing. After you slowly stop laughing, you start looking at your friend, and again start out laughing all over again. But when you finally, finally come to an end you feel like you will faint.



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  1. "Laugh Attack" is great name for uncontrollable laughter! I love getting laugh attacks with my friends - once one of us starts, we can't stop!