Tuesday, May 25, 2010

#6 "The Closet...Is Clean!"

You might believe that cleaning your closet is lame, and it most certainly is! Have you ever had a time when your mom has been telling you to clean your closet, over and over and over again? After you do, she'll be bragging about it all day everyday, because of your extremely messy closet! Why is it that it takes you so long to feel like cleaning it?

It really is awful when you have a mess and everything is all over the place. You might have one sock on top of your pants and another sock under the huge barrel of sweaters you haven't looked inside in ages! Heck, you see your mess, but everyday you keep telling yourself over and over again, "Oh I'll clean it out later." You tell yourself "tomorrow" but like people say: " Tomorrow is never, today is forever." In the meantime, the same "mess" looks like a town that has been hit by a tornado, earthquake, and tsunami all at the same time!!

Finally, tomorrow arrives. You stand up; bag in one hand, shovel on the other. You have no idea what's in there. For all you know there could be a monster who's been hiding in your closet, enjoying living there since it's so messy! That's what the shovel is for. You go in determined, either to fight or die trying. You're in the closet struggling with all the tangled clothes while at the same time picking up all the rags on the floor. How stressful is that!? You finally pick up that last sock and there it is: the most clean closet in the entire universe! You wipe the sweat off your forehead, knowing you can sleep well tonight. What's best of all is finding that shirt you've been looking for since you were in the 5th grade! Now how awesome is that! (Now let's see how long it lasts!)



  1. Thats very funny:D.
    I feel that way all the time 24/7

  2. I love finding those little surprises that have been missing for months! It does make you feel SO good when it is done... then you can start jamming stuff in there all over again.

    AWESOME post!

  3. i love opening my closet to the "new shoe smell" best thing ever when i first wake up