Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Isn’t it weird how people like the smallest things? Have you noticed that the smallest things can be the most interesting? One of my favorite colors is the color orange. It is the best color in the world. Orange is so magnificent and it stands out from the rest of the colors. Why? Not only is orange a color but the only color that is also a fruit. There is no fruit called yellow or red. Orange is a bright color that just seeing it puts you in a good mood.

The color orange may be only a color, but to some people it is the BEST. With the color orange, you can do so many things. For example, you can color with it, you can paint with it, and you can even get matching things with it. It is just so awesome. It is a hue that just brightens up a picture, a painting, clothes, anything really. All the other colors are bland but orange is in you face. It's bold and bright, and the perfect mixture. Could you really ask for a better color?

Imagine if there was not such thing as the color orange. The world will not be as nice as it looks now without the orange-ish colors. How bad would it sound if orange was taken out of colors? You will not be able to describe the nice looking color. Nature would not be beautiful without the good-looking orange because it would not be as bright without orange. The rainbow would have an empty space waiting for it to be filled by some color as beautiful as “orange”. Like many people say, “orange” is the best color around.




  1. Orange is my favorite color!! Thanks for sharing your awesome things with the world. There is another awesome blog

  2. Sunsets just wouldn't be the same!

  3. I LOVE orange! I feel like it's very underappreciated, and it's nice to see you giving it some time in the spotlight! It's such a happy, bright color! :)