Wednesday, May 26, 2010

# 30 The # 1 Drink

Do you know what the best drink is? It is Coca Cola. This drink is popular with people all over the world. You can find Coca Cola everywhere you go from Tennessee to Timbuktu. Coca Cola is the drink that is sold the most in restaurants. It is the # 1 selling drink in the world. Most restaurants prefer to have Coca Cola because it is the drink that is drank the most. Most people drink Coca Cola because it is cool and refreshing.

It is found in many flavors, including regular, cherry, vanilla, lime, diet, and zero, with diet versions of them all. Most people buy it because they keep on making more and more flavors. They also make it taste better each time they make a new flavor. This is also the most popular drink that anyone has made.

For years and years it has been the # 1 drink sold in the entire world. Americans like this drink too because the flavor has never changes like the other sodas. This company sells a lot in just one day. The director of Coca Cola says that the company will sell more in the next 10 years because they are going to make it taste better. Coca Cola “was the original Social Construction Brand and had always been so.”